We are now Rhythm Spotlight

Thank you everyone for your support the past few years!

We have changed our site name to “Rhythm Spotlight“.

Some of you may be wondering… another name change?? Didn’t you just change the website name recently?

Yes, we did. So we are going to level with you.


We first started this website as “The Dance Directory”, with the intention of providing listings of dance studios and dance events in the region, to make it easy for everyone to look for dance teachers, competitions, and performances


We then decided to change the website into a media portal which promotes the dance community instead, by shining the spotlight (figuratively) on dancers and events.

However, we found the name not “catchy” enough (putting the word “caught” does NOT make it “catchy”! It was our mistake… we did not put enough thought and research into the name of the portal.

Hence, the rebranding of this site to Rhythm Spotlight!


Yes… the site has come on and off so often, we don’t blame you for wondering what’s happening with this site.

The truth is, we are using the royal “we” right now, because there is only one writer for this site at the moment. I love dancing and I love the dance community, but sometimes, life gets in the way.

However, this time, I have been offered support by a few dancers in the community, and we have plans to get this website in full motion!

Do I have a request? Yes. I would like to request support from the dance community to keep this website going – because this website is designed to support you!

And because dancing is related to music and performing arts, we would love to offer support for these related arts as well.

Thank you everyone. You are amazing!

Rhythm Spotlight
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